palešu ražošana
-naglotāji un naglas;
-darba galdi un pneimo aprīkojums
Lasīt vairāk
armatūras darbi
-instrumenti armatūras siešanai, griešanai un locīšanai
Lasīt vairāk
apdares darbi
- apdares naglotāji;
-koka skrūves;
-krāsu pistoles
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māju būvniecība
-naglotāji, skavotāji;
-blīvēšanas materiāli;
-dībeļu pistoles
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jumtu klāšana
-naglotāji; -skavotāji
Lasīt vairāk
- kartona skavotāji;
- līmes pistoles
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reģipša montāžai
-instrumenti profilu un reģipša montāžai;
-skrūves lentās
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mēbeļu ražošana
-štiftu naglotāji;
Lasīt vairāk
- pneimatiskie, elektriskie, mehāniskie skavotāji
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Max Co., LTD. is a leading, international producer of pneumatic nailers, staplers and specialistic tools. 55 years of experience in production and 35 years of successfully gaining distributors around the world. MAX presents its own line of construction nailers and specialistic tools. MAX develops the newest products, which set a benchmark for quality and reliability. Over many years MAX gained a reputation of producing the best tools in their categories, which are designed to last for a lifetime. This data is scrupulously analyzed by MAX marketing and engineering departments and is sent to the production team. Field information combined with the research and development department data, create tools exceeding the clients' expectations. The pneumatic nailers will cope with the most challenging tasks, working precisely and effectively, regardless of the requests. MAX frequently carries out internal quality tests and contacts its clients to monitor the tools' work in actual work environment. The received information is an essential part of designing new and advanced features of future generation nailers. MAX keeps the pace in the fast developing and challenging construction environment.



The history of Haubold dates back to 1913. Nearly 100 years of operating provide the company with the necessary experience and knowledge how to meet customers' demands. World-wide appreciation of HAUBOLD tools is a result of durability and versatileness. The company is faced with various applications in many industries such as upholstery, prefab housing or packaging that demand the fast HAUBOLD automatic staplers. HAUBOLD pinners and bradders are dedicated for delicate and precise applications such as nailing of pre-glued ornaments or moldings. For general applications HAUBOLD presents strip nailers. HAUBOLD coil nailers are small and compact tools which will convince the customer through their big loading capacity, reliability, lightewightness and high driving power. High tool quality, competent advisors, a wide range of products and short delivery times are the company's basic advantages.


Josef Kihlberg AB, which nowadays is part of the ITW Group (Illinois Tools Works Inc), dates its beginning to 1841. The company's strategy is production and advertisment of tools and fasteners for the construction industry and packaging used in transport. Currently it is represented in over 50 countries and is also one of the largest in the sector. An attractive range of high quality products is the foundation of its success. The company has four product lines: an industrial line which sells directly to industry, a construction line that markets to building material suppliers, builders and the prefabricated housing industry, a range of packaging products and a steel strapping line. The construction line is marked under the "Haubold" trade mark, the others as Josef Kihlberg products. Each distributor has its own particular speciality, so the form of joint collaboration varies from one another. A good relationship with its distributors gives it valuable experience with diverse markets, a necessity for the continued success of Josef Kihlberg.


For over half a century SENCO has maintained its policy of improving the Power Fastening Solution to live up to any demands of various branches of industry, construction sites, craftsmen or other applications. It is SENCO, who first used the term pneumatic staplers and power fastening tools. Up to the day, this commitment continues, along with presenting new, improved, high-efficiency tools from the ProSeries and XtremePro series. SENCO has also broadened its horizons presenting AirFree – the first battery-operated nailers and the award-winning cordless Duraspin fastening system. SENCO tools - as well as a broad range of fasteners, staples and screws that can be used in other brands of tools - are widely available at a European network of distribution partners, that have experience with SENCO products and are aware of the users' needs.

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